Duluth Minnesota, USA

Innovative tools for detecting marked cards

Mini Light Lab


Mini Light Lab is a convenient, desk top, incandescent & fluorescent light source for viewing and photographing marked cards.

Inspecta Card Scanner


Portable marked card detector that will instantly locate high-tech marked cards and allow you to save the evidence to your cell phone.

Counterfeit Detector


This multi frequency black light is just what you need to locate short or long wave Ultra Violet Marks.

Excellent for detecting counterfeit money as well as secret marks on cards, dice and chips.

Deluxe Inspecta Card Kit


This deluxe kit comes with the Inspecta Card Scanner, Near Infra Red Scanner, Multi frequency Ultra Violet Counterfeit Detector, Near Infra Red Light Source for looking through cards, Charger, Mini Light Lab, Instruction Manual & Training Cards.

More To Come


More To Come